Thank You – Camilla Walker

As we all know from watching the news and various documentaries, September 11 proved to have a devastating impact on America and the rest of the world. Everyone literally stood still on that fateful morning, mouths hung open, brains searching, tears splashing down onto the

Many couldn’t and still can’t fathom the enormity or reality of it, one year on. However, what is the point of dwelling on the subject of death, despair and heartache? I believe that america has come a long way and I send my condolences to those who lost loved ones in the attacks.

Finally, I would like to praise the brave and oh so courageous firefighters of NYC. Just think what the site would be like with without all of the firefighters and to those at home hugging recovered loved ones found in the rubble, I’m sure you’ll join with me when I say to those certain men and women-

Thank You….

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