September 11th – Tierra Nelson

September 11th was such a tragic day. Could you ever imagine someone even thinking about demolishing two of the most important building? I couldn’t have. Innocent people lost their lives due to that terrorist attack last year.
And what about their families? Those victim’s relatives has lost a love one who was only guilty of being a hard working person who went to work to get their job done.

Because of Osama Bin Laden, families are ruined and left in grief. I personally think ever since September 11, 2001, our nation has united and finally became one happy family.

I thank everyone in the military that cares enough about this country that they will dedicate their life to fight for this country. That takes a lot of courage to dedicate your life after witnessing those tragic moments and knowing you could be killed.

After that day, I woke up and realized that no one is safe, no matter where you go. You need to be cautious of even the slightest warnings because they could be a sign of life or death. I think that anyone who was an eye-witness of the World Trade Center or The Pentagon being destroyed is emotionally scarred because they could have been killed, but God spared their life and gave them another day.

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