Honor Old Glory- Stephen L Thomas

It’s a great feeling to drive down a neighborhood street and see Old Glory waving in the wind in front of homes.

It reminds me of how grateful I am to live in a free and mighty nation, but I really get upset and even offended when I see the American Flag faded or tattered and torn. Have they no respect? I also get angry when I see her flying after sunset with no light on her. Who can see her? And those who want to display her in the window or on a wall, please make sure her stars are at the top and to the left.

May I suggest to those who want to really honor Old Glory to replace her properly with a new flag when she becomes faded, old and tattered. She has served her time and should not be shame by keeping her hoisted in disgrace.

And when it gets dark and you want to keep her up, put a floodlight on her or take her down and put her back up another bright and sunny day.

Thank you!

A friend who loves, respects and honors Old Glory

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